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1744 E McAndrews Rd., Suite D Medford OR 97504
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Your Success Begins with Us

Providing employment for health care professionals in the Medford/Southern Oregon area

What Makes Us Different

Southern Oregon Practice Management is able to offer a unique working experience for those looking for careers in the medical field.

One on One Training

We take the time to ensure that each employee is full prepared for the job or task at hand. Our experienced and knowledgeable management staff can help with your success.

Personal Development

Our company offers personal growth strategies and plans to help you become the very best version of you. We believe in our employees and their dreams of personal growth.

A Variety of Positions

If you are a medical provider, medical assistant, office manager, or just getting started in the health care field, we have several clinics and locations to best fit your career needs.

Benefits of Employment

We want to offer the best to our employees, that is why our benefits through the years change and improve based on feedback from our employees.